Order Tickets for the following show times:

FRI SEPT 27 7:15 PM MINGALABA $7 / $9 at Synapsis Nova
SAT SEPT 28 7:45 PM MINGALABA $7 / $9 at North Coast Dance
SUN SEPT 29 4:00 PM MINGALABA $7 / $9 at Synapsis Nova

Fringe Festival Best of SF Physical Theatre Performing Arts Humboldt

I’m excited to announce I’ll be performing as part of the 1st Annual 2019 Eureka Fringe Festival this weekend, from 9/27 – 9/29! Three performances across two venues. Tickets are on-sale now! Here is the Facebook event information.

MINGALABA is an award-winning explosion of wild, physical performances: crazy characters, music, pantomime, zany sound effects and a ton of fun! It is also a minimalist, fast moving monodrama! Best of the 2018 San Francisco Fringe! Also, an Audience Award + Independence Award for Self-Production at the Boulder Fringe 2019.

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