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FRI SEPT 27 7:15 PM MINGALABA $7 / $9 at Synapsis Nova
SAT SEPT 28 7:45 PM MINGALABA $7 / $9 at North Coast Dance
SUN SEPT 29 4:00 PM MINGALABA $7 / $9 at Synapsis Nova

Fringe Festival Best of SF Physical Theatre Performing Arts Humboldt

I’m excited to announce I’ll be performing as part of the 1st Annual 2019 Eureka Fringe Festival this weekend, from 9/27 – 9/29! Three performances across two venues. Tickets are on-sale now! Here is the Facebook event information.

MINGALABA is an award-winning explosion of wild, physical performances: crazy characters, music, pantomime, zany sound effects and a ton of fun! It is also a minimalist, fast moving monodrama! Best of the 2018 San Francisco Fringe! Also, an Audience Award + Independence Award for Self-Production at the Boulder Fringe 2019.

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August August from Boulder, CO wrote on August 25, 2019:
Very creative, full throttle the whole time. James is a great solo performer who's able to switch between roles seamlessly and is able to carry the whole stage and the whole audience through strange and funny scenes without missing a beat.
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Fiona Small (Ingenue) Fiona Small (Ingenue) from Boulder, CO wrote on August 22, 2019:
James is on fire! The energy pouring out of him is contagious, his characters both thunderous & subtle. Thank you!
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Evelyn Jean Pine Evelyn Jean Pine from Boulder wrote on August 21, 2019:
James Sundquist takes risks nobody else has the guts to take. He takes the physical virtuosity of clowning, the goofy voices and characters of puppetry, and the rage and euphoria of this very moments -- and mixes them together in a web of story which is hilarious, chilling, and utterly galvanizing.
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Janet Collard Janet Collard from Boulder wrote on August 21, 2019:
James’ physical, pantomiming commitment is unparalleled in this intriguing and unique show. Story after intriguing story I found myself consumed in his world, wondering what would happen next. Thoughtful, surprising, shocking, and hilarious. I enjoyed and was captivated every minute.
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Digs the Dare Digs the Dare from Boulder wrote on August 18, 2019:
A cascade of characters, wild with action scenes. You can't take your eyes off the act because you have no idea what's coming next, or who the f**k will be getting kicked down the imaginary stairs or arrested for murder. You can imagine. James Sundquist!
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August August from Boulder wrote on August 18, 2019:
Hilarious character work within this outstanding solo performance! There was not a single dull moment throughout the entire show. A must see!
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Erin Erin from Boulder, CO wrote on August 17, 2019:
Enthralling, poetic, manic, skilled, and beautiful. I loved every moment.
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Tanner Tanner from Boulder, CO wrote on August 17, 2019:
This is why I Fringe.
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News on the Fringe Newsletter News on the Fringe Newsletter from Boulder, CO wrote on August 17, 2019:
Allow yourself to be transported to strange worlds as beguiling as TV, but without all the guilt of a Netflix binge. This is a show for someone who wants to feel something, but you’re not sure what, and to experience a madness that can only be described as reminiscent of Alex DeLarge from A Clockwork Orange. Check out the next showing of MINGALABA TONIGHT! at 9:30 pm in the Fellowship Hall.
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P P from Boulder, CO wrote on August 17, 2019:
Great show! This piece is fast paced, high energy and keeps you engaged the whole time. I found a lot of it really funny. And kind of dark. And sometimes just really bizarre. Overall a really fun ride. Highly recommended.
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Ethan Harmon Ethan Harmon from Boulder, CO wrote on August 15, 2019:
MINGALABA reeks of the pure enthralling and chaotic energy of mindlessly clicking through TV channels on a humid summer afternoon. There’s nothing mindless about Sundquist’s performance though, as he commands you through a series of winding and awe-inspiring sketches and tidbits that cause everything you think you’ve learned about the show to come crashing down at your feet. All killer, no filler.
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Ciara Ciara from Oakland wrote on August 4, 2019:
Expeditious Intent is instantly engaging and hilarious while also being deeply emotional and relatable. An impressive, vivid, one man show!
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