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Kenny Yun from San Francisco wrote on March 5, 2023
Over a decade ago, I cast James Sundquist for my directing training final project at Berkeley Rep. He solo played multiple characters in an Angels in America scene. Afterwards the instructor, a well known bay area casting agent and director, asked "Was he a diva to work with? Usually actors with his talent are." No, James is humble offstage. His solo shows have won Best of Fringe. He performed last night for first time since pandemic in Up For Air // Flying Actor Studio at Stage Werx. The lights are cool LEDs. He's sweating because he poured himself into the audience. I love this. In an entertainment model of solo theatre, our job is to give everything we have to the audience. Non-religious kenosis "self-emptying". Very different transaction from like drama therapy or self-revelatory theatre. And oh, his physical theatre was hilarious last night! Keep an eye on this talent.
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